Word Stress and Verbs: American English Pronunciation

19 thoughts on “Word Stress and Verbs: American English Pronunciation

  1. Well, now I got it: content words must be pronounced in a well-articulated way so that they are clearer to understand than non-content words so that if the rest of the sentence sounds like a blur we can at least have a pretty good idea of what the sentence is about (and that's the meaning of the word "content" here, isn't it?).
    Well, stressing the proper words means less stress for English students in more than one way (which doesn't mean it's an easy thing to do).

  2. When you pronounced "I passed the test" what happened to the -ed sound? I'm not sure but I couldn't hear neither /d/ nor /t/ sound. (it should be /t/ sound 'coz /s/ is unvoiced, right?).

  3. Hi again! I watched all your videos on 'r' sound, but I can't say 'ther' as in father. It becomes somewhat of a rolled r in my case. Can you teach me how to say 'ther'?

  4. i discovered yours videos today and you are exceptional teacher and a beautiful woman,i need to practice my english i will see your videos everyday ,thank you very much
    fernando- Brasil

  5. Yes, [t]. But I didn't release it, I slid right into the next sound, the TH, so it did sort of get lost, didn't it??

  6. Hi, I am Alaf from Brazil and I`ve learned english just by myself since I was 14 years old, and dont know why but I love the american english and your videos have helped me a lot..thank u so much for that!! soon I am going to NORTHERN IRELAND and they have a very strong accent but I`ll try not to lose the american accent..I love it so much

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