World Mental Health Day 2019: A day of action for suicide prevention

World Mental Health Day 2019: A day of action
for suicide prevention Good mental health is just as important as good physical health However, one in six people in the EU has mental health problems This means that nearly 84 million Europeans are less able to succeed at school and work and may suffer worse physical health For some, mental illnesses lead to premature mortality Globally, over 800 000 people die of suicide every year That’s one person every 40 seconds Despite Europe having the highest suicide rate in the world Only 10 EU Member states have a national prevention strategy in place It is possible to prevent suicide, but we need governments to act And the EU to take the lead in building a Europe without suicide Develop and implement national prevention plans and strategies to tackle suicide and suicide attempts Invest in programmes, integrated services and community support Raise public awareness and understanding of mental health Promote suicide prevention in national health, labour and education programmes Restrict access to the means for suicide Incorporate suicide prevention practices and screening into general healthcare We call on the European Union to support Member States and coordinate these actions Find out more:

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