World's Strongest Man — Full Day of Eating (12,000+ calories)

my diet I should also say at the beginning this diet is to make me as strong as I possibly can so you know it's definitely not you know the the mark bell no carb diet at all I'm just eating to be the strongest human being on the planet so some of the stuff you might be a little surprised by but you know I have a dietician that I work with he shoots me over the diet I don't ask questions I just eat and most of the time I get a smile at some of the stuff that I get eat so meal number one is kind of my choice of cereal so I think today I'm gonna go a cinnamon toast crunch I like that a lot and then I have eight eggs and then peanut butter so that's that's what we were gonna kick off with here so I'm gonna start getting the pan going here would be like we're filming a cooking show right a strongman cooking show should be fun so so everything everything's still even though I'm eatin something like this this is just pretty much to get in and out fast it doesn't this meal even though it's eight eggs and all that it doesn't seem to really fill me up and I get through it pretty pretty pretty quickly and then I'm hungry again which is exactly what we want we want it in and out so you'll you'll see kind of every meals gonna have protein and carbs in it through the day and and we just vary the sources but it's really in and out we want the the engine burning so to speak all day long so you definitely got to try to make food taste good I'm not a not even close to a chef but normally I'll throw a little bit of seasoning on or whatever to make it easier to eat but normally for me it's it's simple effective that's what we're going for it's just whatever makes it a little bit easier to eat and get down so one thing I would say with eggs that I've learned over the years is you don't want to cook them too long you want to make sure they're still softest they're in a big quantity easier to eat if they're not quite hard you don't want them to to overcook so okay that's what I kind of do with my eggs just keep them a little bit softer so it's easier to kind of eat them quickly when you're eating you know this is lower sometimes we'll go up to twelve eggs at one time so you want to make sure that you can get those down without having to work too much at all so these are about good here if I'm hungry some days I'm literally just I can't eat enough I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm hungry and then other days it's like not hungry but I have to force the food so then if I come to that if I come to that two hour window and I'm not hungry then I have to just eat anyway so this one like I said this gets I mean it seems like this gets in and out pretty quickly for me and that's what we want so if I'm and especially coming off of such a heavy training last night with the bigger deadlift and any time I do that I have the day afterwards my no bodies normally craving a lot of food and a lot of calories so that's good because then we'll fire through this I'll get hungry in half an hour maybe not even an hour and then I'll go right into my next meal which is great you eating is is but for me I've said this a lot but it's not it's the hardest part because it's it's constant and I you don't ever stop like from the time I wake up eaten literally until I go to bed and then I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is eat and then I do it all day again you know so I don't ever get a just chill out and be like you know I'm not gonna eat you know that's not not an option is but training is fun people think the trainings of hard part not really cuz that's fun I get to go kind of let loose and train and do what I want to do and but this is what helps me perform so it's kind of go hand in hand but this is a you know you get to train for a few hours maybe during the day but this is all day you know constantly so it's you know it's a necessary evil so to speak that's kind of what I would have about that much we're gonna kind of count the calories up here so for the first meal that cereal and eggs was like 1200 1300 calories give or take so it's a good start obviously that's I think that's probably what some what like figuring and the competitors that type of thing would eat in an entire day 1200 calories or something maybe if they're really restricted but will be totally obviously way above that so we are gonna go into now we've had it we have but we've had about an hour since my first meal so meal number two for me will be a protein shake and granola bars and peanut butter so well let's do the shake here so this one this one I'm what I'm going for is about roughly 80 grams of protein so not quite this is this is a bigger shaker this is like a 40 ounce shaker so I don't typically like things everything from you as bigger so I found those and I was pretty happy because the smaller shakers just don't cut it so so and this is just a whey protein so I'm gonna do this is 25 25 grams of protein per scoop so I'm just going to do three scoops and then I'll throw a little bit extra just to try to get closer to that just a little bit there for meal number two here all altogether we just kind of calculated out the calories it's not quite 1100 right there so I think what breakfast was what what did we send out on 13 ok so right now with two meals were just above 2300 calories give or take so we're we're doing good doing good with that off to get started so we are now getting ready for a meal number three of the day now I'll get into some meat and pasta so this will be my beef that I get is from a local farm so it's all certified organic grass-fed amazing is what it is so I'll cook that and then we'll cook some just regular angel hair pasta and then I get to have that with with a red pasta sauce so this is a good meal it's kind of a staple that kind of comes in and out of my diet but I definitely do a lot of beef typically so this this beef is amazing so it's you know there's a lot of talk certainly about different beefs and why you know one's higher quality or better the biggest thing I think for me is other than the taste and it's incredible the grass-fed and especially this beef that's all certified awesome I can digest it so quickly so back way way back when I used to buy D from the grocery store I remember us try a huge quantity of it and it was just like a lump in my stomach and I could I could just tell when I switched to grass-fed the huge difference was I felt better and I could digest it a lot easier and it's healthier for your body if you do a little bit of research on that it's incredible the benefits so certainly something to look into if you're not doing that but yeah and the local if you can find anything local like here in Colorado there's a lot of grass-fed beef but you can find from farmers and that typically is the best I mean getting it from the grocery store as good as well but the next level is to do that so that's even better so what we're what we're looking at here with this meal is a little bit over 2,200 calories total for this meal and then this after I finish this I'll bring my daily intake right now to just house over 4,500 and this is like I said with my third meal so we're on track we're doing good keeping a rolling I'm feeling still pretty hungry which is great so hopefully this one I can fire this down and still feel that way here in another hour hour and a half something like that so get this started make it happen okay so we're gonna go over meal number four and again I'm gonna go back to a shake so it'll be another 80 grams of protein powder so that's like three men a little bit over three scoops of this peanut butter again and then for this shake I'm gonna mix it instead of water I'm gonna mix it in 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk so yeah that's gonna add a little bit more colors but not not a lot to that and then the carb source so I'll do these are just frozen organic blueberries that I I throw in there so basically just mixed all together again this is this is a nice one for me because I can get it in quick and we kind of figure out here the calorie breakdown so this once this has done this meal will be another thousand calories I will for this I blend it up obviously a little bit easier just to kind of throw it all together especially with the blueberries but it makes makes an awesome shake and I'll just slam that down so once I get done with this one for the day after this is the fourth meal so it was tough to keep count sometimes but we'll be at just over five thousand five hundred calories total for the day after four meals alright so we are getting ready for meal number five here so what this is going to be is it's gonna be turkey so I'll show you so this is just an organic ground turkey that we'll have and then so 94 93 percent lean and then we'll do rice this is just a regular white jasmine rice and then broccoli so I'll do that after like you probably get this going first well I cook the turkey we'll get this fired up all right so with this meal total calories here are just over 1,400 and for the day then after I consume this will be at roughly 7,000 so not not quite at 7,000 but very close so we still got we've still got quite a bit to go so still it's adding up it's adding up for sure when you love too much you so we are getting ready to eat meal number six and this is actually um different that I would normally do and the scenario that we have is tomorrow is a huge event training day for me so I'm going to be obviously putting out a lot of effort for training and me I work with my with my dye guy Nathan Payton and I texted Nathan earlier I've given an update about deadlifting yesterday and what you know kind of how I'm feeling and this is what he's recommended for me to do so typically this would be another pound of beef and potatoes and asparagus that's what I would normally have but this is now subbed in so basically what we're doing here is a big pasta meal a lot of carbs get ready for training tomorrow and then I'll see how I respond to this so essentially that's what's happening and we've guesstimated kind of the calories heal here out to be about rough roughly three thousand four hundred and thirty give or take I mean it's kind of hard because obviously we this is something I didn't cook and we got it you know takeout so that's a pretty I feel like that's a pretty good estimate though because I mean it's it's you know quite a quite a few calories for one meal so with that added to the daily total now we'll be at table ten thousand three hundred and seventy so that's what we're sitting at now so I'll go ahead and get this down and then I still got one more um one more meal to do before bed so yeah we got got to crush this real quick and hopefully it tastes as good as it looks so all right so we are to my final meal of the day this has been as you can see a lot eating today and I actually because of the schedule last night I had flown yesterday I got home we did a huge deadlift training and I had was a little backed up on food so I didn't really finish eating till about 2:00 in the morning and then we got started this morning so we crammed kind of all of the food in to about 13 hours so we're going to get all these calories in about 13 hours and I got to get that done because I need to get to sleep because tomorrow we'll train earlier in the day so this is just the way the schedule works and it's part of the game so this is kind of a fun meal one of my favorites right now so we're going to go cheesecake and as you can see I've already it's not brand new and then we'll we'll also hit some bioactive whey protein so we'll do another 80 grams protein shake and then I get to choose how much cheesecake that I want with this meal so typically I would have two or three but as you can see there's only four left right so I'm not gonna leave one there by itself right so we probably should just finish that off feel like that's the right choice to make especially with such a big day of training tomorrow so so this will be combined 1,650 calories which will for the for the day after I consume all of this will will leave us at twelve thousand and twenty calories big day of eating especially because I didn't get to spread it out as much as that what a wife but I'm actually pretty happy with how I feel I feel like I've you know been fairly hungry um you know give or take there's a couple meals where I didn't feel as hungry certainly but tonight I feel good I feel full and I'll feel certainly perfect after I finish all this in a little bit so yeah it's one of those things you know I get to see how I respond tomorrow with training and that's really the end goal it's not about trying to eat a lot of food eat a lot of food it's how does all of this help me to perform with my training so yeah I think it'll be a really good big event day and my last really heavy event training session before world Strongest Man so you know we got to kind of kick it up a notch we got to see and and feel I have to feel how I'm going to respond to all this to make sure that I'm ready for the contest which I already know I am ready but it's gonna be nice on the weights feel really easy tomorrow so that's the day of eating it's something we haven't really shown before and hopefully you guys you know can get something out of this so and somebody actually says to you hey I'm eating ten thousand or in this case twelve thousand calories in a day you could actually see the quantity of food and how frequently you would actually need to eat to get that in in one day so pretty crazy but this is why I say I make comments a lot about the diet is the hardest part for me it's not the training and this is why because it's constant all all day long I have to eat so part of the job and you know you got to make it happen you

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  1. Just take a small second to imagine de size or even the weight of his shit, that stuff gotta be MASSIVE!

  2. Idk how this video ended up on my feed but I'm glad. This is almost comical, but in a good way. I never have watched videos dealing with body building so maybe this isn't shocking but I didn't even know a person could eat like this. Looks like he eats in a day what a family does in a week. What would be a normal grocery bill for the dudes?? How hard do you get after it to be hungry like that all the time and not get sick?? This is fascinating for sure! So many questions not enough room lol. Cool video I gotta find more like this or find the person who eats the most on this planet.

  3. Big dudes are nice sometimes because the working out gets ride of stress and anger and releases endorphins

  4. This guy's diet is totally inefficient and time wasting: He needs to cook in big batches so all he has to do is reheat them afterwards. The meals need to include more vegetables and they can be smaller. He can make up for the extra fat, protein and carbs he needs by chugging olive oil, protein shake, and pre cooked pasta (disgusting but saves a lot of time). What's more is that he doesn't need to eat to so often, as his diet is mostly protein and fat, only carbs need to be consumed more regularly and in smaller doses to prevent blood sugar spikes.

  5. Bruh… by the time he said "its been an hour and its meal #2 time, a shaker cup, 80 grams of protein", I was already full 😂

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