Would Free Healthcare & College Destroy the Military?

Second question today, Hey David, wouldn’t
free college and healthcare drastically, kneecap military enlistment since lots of people join
the military to get those things. So there’s two parts here. Question one is whether that would happen. Question two is whether it’s a bad thing. It is true. There are lots of people who go into the military
in the United States because they can’t afford to go to college or they are not cut out for
college and the military is one of the most direct paths to earning a steady paycheck
from a reliable employer. There are other financial reasons and certainly
healthcare is another thing that the military provides. There are also arguments which say that if
you improve education and healthcare and access to them, you would end up with more people
enlisting because they know they can always go back to getting an education and they might
feel less pressured to do it right away because they know that it’s always there waiting for
them in some sound sense, but I believe that that is effectively not the right way to approach
the question. Number one. Fortunately for us, we have more than enough
people in our military and a significantly bigger than necessary military force, so the
military not having enough recruits because people can go to college or have healthcare
is not a realistic concern. Number two, let’s go even further though. People who join the military for economic
necessity. I don’t believe are the people that I would
prefer be in the military if we don’t have a draft, which we don’t. I want the people in the military to be people
who want to be in the military, not people who have no interest in it but have no money
for education or healthcare and they join out of desperation. I don’t think that that’s good for the military. This is why the recruiting that the military
does in poor areas, going to high schools where the appeal is simply economic is so
predatory and I will even go further than that. If we had universal healthcare, you might
break the bottleneck that is the overloaded VA hospital and improve treatment for veterans
by clearing out the VA facilities a little bit by allowing people to go elsewhere. Education can make it so that when veterans
come back from serving, they have more options for jobs when they come back and they will
be a better integrated into society as opposed to often ending up concentrated in certain
fields. One other thing, tons of young people aren’t
even eligible to enlist because of health issues, including obesity, which is an epidemic
in the United States. Better educated people are less likely to
be obese. Overall healthier people with access to healthcare
are less likely to be obese. It is an interesting proposition that by providing
education and healthcare to people, you will reduce obesity and increase the number of
people that are medically eligible to join the military and actually grow the number
of people that are enlisting. It’s something to think about. So I think that whenever we, we see something
like, Oh, hold on. Uh, if people no longer need to join the military
because they be for healthcare or economic reasons, the military will be hurt. Well, let’s first figure out whether that’s
true. And secondly, let’s figure out whether it’s
actually hurt if different people or fewer people are enlisting. I think in this case the answer seems to be
the exact opposite.

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  1. As a Veteran, I can say that most kids don't join the military for healthcare. We are immortal when we are young, we don't look at that. College on the other hand is the number one reason. It may hurt it.

  2. The solution is conscription. Every citizen has a duty to serve while foreign operations should be voluntary.

  3. first part of framing is inaccurate. It assumes a lack of intellect but there is no evidence that can verify that. Joining the military is usually exclusively an economic judgment, not an intellect one.

  4. The less people who want to join an organization that believes using force against other people is acceptable is a desirable goal.

  5. one opinion from Germany. (my father is in the navy).

    We do have a draft in our constituion, which has been suspendet by a degree from our minster of defence for some years now (cutting into your 2% NATO goal by the way 😉 .
    We (basicly) also have free healthcare and a basic income ("HARTZ 4", as long as you are look for a / any job; rent for a flat and some money for food and energy is mandatorely providet by local goverment)
    Following that intro: Since supending the draft, we do have a shortage of military officials (especially officers) and also (alternativ mandatory) people who serve "civial-service", like nursing, fire fighting or civial protection.
    And thoose who join the military are NOT the people the military wants to have. (people who would go to university/college).
    So providing all that what David proposed, no, sadly, people willl not join the military!, when free Healthcare & Colleg is provided and there is no mandatory draft.

    Edit: Spelling & Grammer – most of it i hope 🙂

  6. There has been no draft in the United States for over forty years. This has caused the military to become somewhat inbred, so to speak. I believe some sort of national service requirement for all would be helpful. It might even help break the gun obsession in this country.

  7. My now Trump supporting friend who was in the Airforce for some 8 years or more was largely against free college back when that was being proposed by Hilary before the election. I think he kind of felt like it was a FU to people like him that had to earn it through serving. As usual, he doesn't see the bigger picture and is primarily concerned about himself. I'm for forgiving student loan debt even though that wouldn't do me any good since I paid that shit off.

  8. as a veteran i would say the military is already hurting for people. the spending is one thing. yes the military spends way to much money and in all the wrong places. however we defiantly do not have enough people in the military. the job still needs to get done and when manning is low that just puts the work load on fewer and fewer people. this hurts morale and work productivity goes down. people working shift work in the military are already over worked working 12-16 hours a day. if less people join the military i fear military suicide rates will go up.

  9. I have been saying this for a while. Free college will never happen because nobody would join the military.
    That’s why I joined. For a degree.

  10. The GI bill proved that by providing $1 for educating military personnel, the return on investment was close to $7 in tax revenue. Same could be said of Tricare and Medicare for all. The military are the beta testers for most (if not all) of these social programs.

  11. NO. Many people join the military right out of high school for several reasons that have nothing to do with healthcare or college.

    Next question please.

  12. Free college would decimate the republican voter base as they specialize in uneducated white voters. For that reason, unlikely the GOP will let free college happen.

  13. Join the military? Lol
    Artificial intelligence
    autonomous insect organisms and delivery systems
    And trigger a solar flare
    Nuclear bombs in space
    Along with dummy targets


  14. It absolutely would. And the more than enough people in the military statement you just said is not true. At least not in fields that require certain competencies.

  15. Absolutely! I was wondering why nobody talks about this! Veterans and first responders (remember the group Jon Stewart went to Washington to fight for?) will be covered under Medicare! No need for special budgeting. No fear of being defunded. Nothing! Medicare for all! Bernie 2020!

  16. Total enslavement or death
    Someone had to wipe the species out
    One way or another
    Extinction or speciation
    But it's going to happen
    It's called bettering selfish
    It's called progress

  17. Uhhh, every country with a form of universal healthcare doesn't have a problem with finding new recruits. Sounds like just another unfounded, void of all facts right-wing/center-left moderate weak ass argument against everyone having healthcare and access to an education.

  18. You are clearly a puppet for establishment machine made false claims about Medicare for all that segment seemed like you were a MSNBC fake journalist fear mongering on MediCare for all

  19. Better educated does not equal lowering obesity. I did personal training for years and I trained people who were high school educated only up to college educated with a masters degree or a doctorate degree and they still had weight problems no matter what kind of degree they had. I have been saying this for a long time that I agree that Medicare for all would be good for the people but the cost of it is way under estimated than what people actually know. Obesity is going to continue to grow whether you have a degree or not, being educated is not going to change the obesity problem because people are going to continue eating what they want, drinking what they want and not wanting to exercise because it is easier than eating what they need and doing exercise for their health. I believe that Medicare for all at first may do a lot of damage because if everyone is covered under health insurance they’re not going to have to consider what they eat or drink because they can just go to the doctor whenever they want and get a prescription pill to try and fix the problem of obesity that was never meant to be. Patrick Swayze said it best in the movie roadhouse when he said it will get worse before it gets better. I’ve seen weight gain continue to grow your after year in education is not going to be the solution and I say that because people do not like being told what to do and especially being told what they can and cannot eat and the problem is going to continue to get worse until a real change is made in the healthcare system and the food industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry. Medicare for all maybe cheaper but when everyone’s going to the doctor because of the obesity epidemic the costs are going to continue to rise and sooner or later or healthcare spending will catch up to our military spending it will just take time just like the military spending kept getting bigger and bigger healthcare spending will do the same gradually over time.

  20. Most people join the military, because the United States tells you that it's the greatest possible thing anyone can do for their country. Most of us were coaxed into joining at 17/18. The recruiters lie their asses off anyway. This wouldn't hurt much.

  21. Well from my own personal experience I joined because I wouldn't be able to afford college without going. And I also wanted health care. Sooooo yup it probably will affect the military quite a lot. The military heavily focuses most of it's recruitment towards inner cities, very poor communities and Native Americans for a reason.

  22. Could you imagine a military that distills it’s recruits down to the most toxic population imaginable. I don’t want war period but they’ll have no problem recruiting. Bring the large bonuses back and they’ll fill the ranks. The question is when can we end standing Army’s? I say start with shrinking the Big military by reducing the full time to National Guard and Reserve. Keep the special operators and direct support for now. Being called to active duty it’s fairly disruptive. Leadership would think twice before just forward deploying soldiers all over the world.

  23. "Let's keep a certain portion of our population desperately impoverished to ensure a steady stream of new recruits" is definitely a position one can have

  24. That's an interesting perspective. I will say, almost half of the guys that I met in basic had joined for the education benefits. Although it is a mixed bag.

  25. WOW! That is an element of American social control. You compel some unlucky portion of the population to join the army by having a miserly society. The usurers will never be in your position.

  26. The quick and short answer: no

    Using a fraction (a fraction) of the spenditure (which 40% we don't know were it goes – it goes to "black ops" that really are these huge military complex system made up by rich white folks who get the contract with the gov (croonies) to develop weapons (and keeps a ton of the money) and live better than most hard working Americans : facts

  27. It would increase.
    If people knew that their government gave a damn about them. Then in-turn, theywould serve their own country better.
    Duh. 😜

  28. I think it would help it.. it would weed out the desperate ppl who don’t really serve for service sake. It would slim the defense budget.

  29. Not only that, the collective organization has been enacting policies to decrease the number of applicants because they have plenty & have been increasing tech to replace as many military positions as possible. They don't want our highschool dropouts anymore.

  30. I think people join military because they are not cut out for college just yet, they want to leave their little town, or they need a job/career and don't want to just work at McDonald's.

  31. Ding ding ding ding ding. You asked the million dollar question. Not to mention all the people in healthcare with outrageously high salaries. You think they will want to put service over salary?

  32. So as a recruiter, the main thing that disqualifies people is being too fat, being too dumb to pass an ASVAB. (Fun fact, it’s harder to get into the Army than college) Tricare doesn’t really sell many people on the Army because they don’t understand it, and college only typically sells people on the Army reserve so they can be a full time student. Most people join for the adventure and the financial security.

  33. Funny listening to David, someone who’s never served a minute in any branch talk about who he prefers defend the country. If you don’t serve along side us, I don’t think you have the right to decide who does.

  34. When I was in highschool recruiters would come in and tell us they would pay our tuition. People join for the education and stay for the healthcare.

  35. First of all let’s get one thing straight here, Health Care or Education benefits is not free. We pay into Tri-Care and the GI Bill system with our money and our time. Furthermore, in order to receive your education and medical benefits whether it’s time serve or early retirement or 20 plus years of service. Service member’s must have a Honorable Discharge first before you granted access to them. That’s a fact!!! Bottom line is this is a false narrative, nothing is given free to Veterans, we earned them honorably!!!!

  36. This seems like a crazy question to me and then it took me a minute to understand the question without blinders because I know SO MANY in the military and not one said this is why they joined. I mean they were in for 20+yrs.. I've just heard people say, Hey I'll get college! But they go because they want to serve.. I've actually never in my life heard anyone say Healthcare though but that's just my knowledge…

  37. I think it would. I'm currently in right now and free college and healthcare is a strong recruiting tool. Rentension rates for military are extremely low. Most folks do 4 years and split.

  38. the most backlash I have received, besides people over 65, is from some of my slightly older (gen x) military friends.
    "I had to join and serve to EARN these benefits, why should everyone get them without any effort"
    my response, I am very very sorry you had to risk your life for basic rights, that every human, and some other sentient beings deserve, but just because you survived a broken system does not mean you should force others to fit through that extremely specific mold. I want you to have those things without risking you life. and in exchange, when I am president, I will send you fair market value of what you earned; I cannot take away your sacrifice, but hey it's better than 4 grand a year for a missing thumb, right! 😋😅

  39. While I didn't join the military for healthcare it was a big reason to reenlist. Personally, I did join because the other option felt like going into massive amount of college debt to MAYBE get a job.

  40. No. The US relies on mercenaries at this point, predominantly Blackwater. Lack of civilian interest in joining military would be solved only by outsourcing more military jobs to privatized warlords, since introduction of mandatory draft would face huge opposition from every political side, and possibly prevent further imperialism.
    Soldiers must be brought back home, wars must be ended, and military must serve defensive purposes, intead of preerving the capitalist dominance over the planet, as well as significance of the Petro Dollar.

  41. It would reduce enrollment. Not destroy it. Not even close. They could easily compensate for the losses by increasing enlistees compensation. So it would either become a little bit smaller (and therefore cheaper) or to maintain the same size it would cost a bit more.

  42. Be gone wicked sorcerer of Satan! There are no such thing as free healthcare you loonie. You progressive/neo liberal sorcerers like to referrer to my country Sweden as a good example. I can assure you that the only people that think healthcare here is greate is people who never have had to use it, it's reality bad, last time I needed to see a doctor it took 3 month for me to get an appointment, and another 3 to get treatment. And as to free I pay far north of 70% in total taxes. The median wealth in Sweden is, I think, the second lowest in Europe. But yeah it's gonna work when you do it. You progressive nutcases tricking people into believing in fantasies.
    Forgive your father, stop watching p0rn, and stop tricking people into fascistic oppressive hellholes.

  43. A smaller military isn't necessarily a bad thing, means less offensive endless wars can be started and some of those on-going endless wars can be stopped. Defence should be that, defending not attacking. It might lead to better pay for the military as an incentive to join.

  44. the military has been for a long time the largest socialist welfare program in the US, representing the place to go for many people coming from economically depressed areas of the country, areas that accidentally are traditionally GOP strongholds.

  45. I grew up in the military life. Many of my peers that were stoners, too poor to pay for college or just clueless about what they should do with their life joined the military. Many either didn't come back or didn't come back in one piece. Physically or psychologically. Everyone talks of "serving the country" without asking what or who our country serves.

  46. This is exactly the problem. The military holds services over your head that should already be free. Saying “hey kiddo free stuff come risk your life”

  47. Never thought about this question. It’s already less than %1 of America in the military. So it would be interesting if it did affect the military negatively. This would mean that we would need another reason to enlist new recruits. I know that protecting America should be all the motivation they need, but most people have dreams of a family and kids that they want to stick around for as well. Deployment always offers the risk of death. So if you have your free healthcare and college (I’m assuming free trade school as well), then what is the incentive to join and risk death. I work in one of the many areas of recruiting for the military, so I could see this really affecting them.

    That being said, I would still like free healthcare because no one deserves to die for something that could be medically treated. I speak from having a type 1 diabetic wife and thankful toward the military that I can support her insulin needs.

  48. David’s pretty sharp so it’s weird that he doesn’t consider the possibility that the military could simply offer other incentives. Surprised that Dave missed that

  49. Three types of people in the military.
    1. They are doing it because it’s sort of a legacy thing their parents or relatives are in the military so it’s only right that they go.
    2. They don’t have the money to go to college or they want to travel and see the world so they go.
    3. They want to legally kill people without having to worry about any prison time

  50. I feel like I was preyed on to join the military. But, i still think I ended up with a damn fine deal in the end. So it worked out pretty well for me

  51. Id rather have a military of motivated soldiers than a benefit earner who wont work as hard. Over the next 30 years, our military is taking a nosedive in numbers. I served, but would not encourage anyone to join. The govt does not take care of vets and the system is so overloaded.

  52. Once again David shows us he's completely clueless when it comes to size and strength of our military. No, our military isn't too big. No our military budget isn't to big. David wake up, we're in the midst of the great power competition. You're focusing on Medicare and your general lack of knowledge about the geo strategy and military doctrine is appalling. Educate yourself a bit before spewing these Leftist talking points. Our military is smaller and has less ships and aircraft then in 2000 when we had the complete advantage over our adversaries and China and Russia weren't belligerent or on the rise. Your lack of knowledge on the matter really saddens me since I know you always make an effort to know what you're talking about. Sad, David..

  53. You are 100% correct. Retired veteran here. Way too many people join the military because it is a jobs program with college benefits, not because they want to be in the military. The US military turned out to be a corporate jobs program. This is one reason why as a whole the US military has NO performance standards and can fight the same war for 18 plus years without even thinking that is a major problem. They tell us, just shut up, go along with it and get some college. This is a meritocracy afer all and if you go to college and have NO military performance standards, you can be in charge of the shit show called the US military too. This is how we all went to college yet got alot dumber in the US military. No genuine purpose other than get your college degree while taking other people's oil, based on measurable results of course. End of veteran rant.

  54. Trump already signed into law the VA mission act to take care of some of the bottlenecking in the VA


    also congressman rand Paul is proposing the HELPER act which allows parents to take money out of thier 401k (I believe roughly up to $5,000/year) to put towards thier kid going to school, now obviously this hasn't passed yet but it's a good idea. 2 parents using this program would make 10k a year they can put away for thier kid.


  55. The military has been used for a spree of international war crimes with seven countries being illegally attacked since Iraq. At this point, fuck the military and fuck the people that join it. David is locked into the ideology of American exceptionalism where everything America does is good. In this sense he is just a poor man's Rachel Maddow.

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