Oh what's up YouTube today I'm going to fill waffle bubble with diet coke and mentos let's see what happens for you guys you don't know what a wobble bubble is it's basically the world's durable s balloon right let me show this is a bubble bubble what you're supposed to do is fill it with air but we're not gonna do that today alright guys so I have my funnel I stuck it in here now it's time to fill this bubble bubble with diet coke and mentos for you guys who don't know what happens when you fill Diet Coke with Mentos let me give you a quick example what Mentos inside one Zico game I gotta go I gotta go that is what happens it kind of like mmm like carbonates it extremely a lot so uh yeah let's fill it up with a whole bunch of Diet Coke I have like 20 gallons of Diet Coke alright it's gonna take some time now alright and fast-forward alright guys well the fun will accidentally got out of the hole but uh yeah I'm surprised not a lot of Diet Coke is seeping through that hole look at this whoa whoa this is kind of it's kind of cool huh that was pretty cool this is the last one so uh let's pour this and then we'll just pour the Mentos and then we'll just see what happens all right everybody Mentos in one cup and let's just let's just appreciate these carbonation bubbles real quick they look very animated very surreal look at that look at that that's pretty cool so let's just hope this thing can fit into that thing I don't even know if the will but let me just try it one first here we go okay it's not gonna fit so I guess we just gotta alright so I took and cut the top of a coca-cola bottle and let's hopefully you can fit in here alright you guys ready for this this is the what will pump will Diet Coke Mentos experiment here we go look at it go it's going all the way come on I'm surprised it hasn't like you know exploded or whatever like I rubbed it through the funnel I'm very surprised right now alright let's close this hole and I Wow look at that honestly looks like a basketball it's not really doing anything whoa whoa okay it's expanding its expanding right now guys whoa all of them buckle if you go to this side I had total Ward bubbles little like bubbles on coming out I don't even know what that is what is going on oh this is pretty cool all right there you have it that is what happens I wonder if I could pick it up oh gosh here we go please don't pop oh my gosh how am I gonna pick this up this is really hard can I smack it though I can't I like how durable you are well you need to explode now I was expecting this thing to explode maybe it can open this hole little more oh look at that so so here's the opening of the hole right there where I stuck the funnel oh oh oh one wrong move and this bubble will go like stuck this is like torture if you want someone to be tortured tell them to hold this and then walk away cuz the only thing you could do without a spilling is hold it like this alright and might as well just stick my head in here so here we go what I do we shoulda thought this in the bathroom oh my haha okay here we gotta put on the crap now I just have a ball of Diet Coke okay you can see here here a little holes now it's like leaking CD I guess I can go inside this bubble why not I'll try my best to go inside of it let's see how much of my body can go outside this bubble okay good all right I got a lot of cleanup to do thank you all for watching if you want me to do this again with something else inside let me know until then he has


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  3. the boy seems brother of coke ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘ love bubble guuble wow… hahaa enjoynGG % 4:27

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  7. Don't you ever do the Coca-Cola and Mentos challenge ever again you're very garages exploded it made me laugh nearly if the cleaners in my school she would slip out of all of us if we tried this challenge so that's why we're not doing it

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