XaviX Port Jackie Chan Fitness J-MAT and PowerBoxing | Game Dave

100 thoughts on “XaviX Port Jackie Chan Fitness J-MAT and PowerBoxing | Game Dave

  1. Great review on a console that not many people know about. It's crazy that i'm a year late to almost all of your videos. I wish you continued success on your channel. You have great videos.

  2. I'm gonna be picking up 2 xavixport games tomorrow with a lot of stuff
    I had never heard of this before
    Makes me interested to get the console and other games and controllers

  3. So long story but when I was a kid in the 90s we randomly got a call from a company that does market research for game and toy companies and I randomly got chosen to try out this stupid new game/toy basically it was an lcd game that you plugged your cd or tape player in to and based on the music it would create waves that went in to one of the four corners and you had to hit the button on that corner to score a point. Even though the game was boring and didnt have much to it I still had to write a paragraph for it. I guess they liked what I wrote because I got sent random lcd crap for the next few years until I got offered to try out a new motion control gaming system. I figured it was going to be another one of those lcd games in a bat or something but it turned out to be a xavix port that was a little different I remember the plastic wasn't very high quality more of a mate color and had some sharp not well sanded edges from the molding. But basically it was the same thing. Once I figured how the catridge went in which was a process since they had some engrish instructions and no pictures all text the thing was pretty freaking awesome for the first hour or so but once you realized how the motion controls were just making you think they were insanely accurate and were really quite bad the whole thing fell apart. To this day I always thought that was maybe an early wii or something because once I sent the console with my review back I never heard anything about it until the wii was shown off and I about pooped my pants thinking i had gotten to play a prototype nintendo console. However now seeing this I know the turd they had me play wound up actually coming out oh well xD

  4. I think they probably got a deal from Winbond, who are a struggling memory and logic company, they make RAM, they make flash, and they also make microcontrollers (logic licensed from Western Design Center, Mesa, so similar to NES and SNES architecturally) with audio/video functions, but everything kind of isn't too fresh and falling a bit behind the cutting edge of density. So there's probably a single chip on the cartridge where the game company mostly needed to pay for storage, but got the processor thrown in for next to nothing. Would have been interesting to see a teardown of the console and that cartridge.

  5. This just became my favorite video of all that you've uploaded. So funny! And you somehow managed to make me want the console and game

  6. dude your videos are awsome but how come you haven't been making a lot of videos lately by the way Savon Wanzer is my real name

  7. Huh, so the N64 isn't the last ROM Cartridge console ever made, kudos to the Xavix Port development team.

  8. We had a health class in middle school where we used motion controls, DDr, and other equipment to exercise. This was here and the responsiveness was absolute trash. I'd usually give up, walk over to the next tv, stand on the Skateboard controller, unplug it, and proceed to plug in a ps2 controller, playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. Good shit.

  9. Game Dave, you are quickly becoming my favourite YouTube gaming channel person. How you don't have a few million subs is BEYOND ME!

  10. Now this is a cool introduction of obscure gaming stuff. As the 'Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd', I would totally love to try these. Really fun to watch mate.

  11. This thing is actually brilliant. Jackie is trying to make getting and staying fit cool and fun by making it in to a game. Jackie always promotes being healthy and fit, and I appreciate that.

  12. That thing actually looks pretty cool! Lol you actually have me thinking about trying to track one of these things down!

  13. Looks to me though like your TV has a whole bunch of lag. That's probably a big part of the control issues you're having. You should get yourself a separate Scaler/Linedoubler box like the RetroTink or OSSC as it will bear the load of upscaling so your TV will have a lot less lag. The Retrotink in particular is probably the best choice for this and is only $100 and will work with all of your other consoles as well. Not only that but it will make your games look better on a modern high definition TV depending on what kind of input you use.

  14. that is a fantastic idea for a console. I had never heard of it before, but I'm sure there are companies today that wish they could just inject some more computing power into the console. Did you have the console on the ground the whole time? I'm guessing the infrared tracker may have been expected to be a little higher off the ground.

  15. Ive got every Jackie Chan movie on a HD…so good….he's got a house in Canberra Australia hey, his parents used to live there. There diplomats or something. Spunout hey? What a go getter though!

  16. If I had not scored a CIB xavixport, tennis, baseball and bowling games at Goodwill today, I never would have googled it and then viewed this video. Definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen today!! Subscribed!

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