Yes, My Raw Food Diet is Always Changing

hey everybody I'm Jack and this is Rahl tropical living thanks for joining me today hope you all had a very nice hump day out there it's a great win see here the heats climbed back up the humidity's climbed back up so it's not as pleasant outside but hey it's been a productive week so far for me it's been a productive day and yeah nothing to complain about I try to complain as little as possible you know but we all do it from time to time but anyhow today the title of the video is yes my rife raw food diet is always changing guys I do videos every day so if you're not already subscribed I'd appreciate you to go down and hit that subscribe button now then be sure you click on the little bell and check send notifications so you'll stay subscribe to the channel people ask me about this one this isn't one of my ties but it is one of my favorite ones it's an older when I have and these think confused a few youngsters have never seen that movie that's probably actually one of Matthew McConaughey's best movies in my opinion anyhow so you know I get questions a lot of times people send me an email or they'll ask me on Instagram they're like well I can't keep up I've seen older videos of you and you're doing this and and sometimes people want to challenge me like you're being inconsistent because we saw something and they're referring to a video that is two and a half years ago I'm constantly changing I'm constantly evolving kind of talking about talked about that in yesterday's video and I'm constantly you know just updating my information and wanting to try new things and hey am I getting enough of this am i doing enough of that look bottom line is and that's okay I mean I don't get into the geek stuff I'm not gonna sit down and discuss oh well why I do this and defend it like I'm defending my thesis for my you know my PhD but all I'll say is like eight from me I don't need for this channel just because I do a daily you show here on YouTube and just because I have a brand you know I'm on Instagram in other places I don't eat for this channel I just show what I'm doing now every wants and allowed to be 100% transparent yeah I might prepare a meal or something for the camera or something because I'll need some content is something that I would be eating anyway so it's not like you know I'm okay I'm gonna make a change I think too many of these channels brands experts whatever are constantly changing things simply to get views and simply to you know grow a little bit because that is a good strategy in a lot of different areas that you know I study this stuff a lot and and constantly having changes in something new is really good for social media but once again I'm just showing what I'm doing I'm not gonna do what I do because well if I do this and if I say oh I'm gonna go this way maybe I'll get some more subscribers or viewers I am me I do me you do you so my yeah my black my diets always changing always evolving a little bit but as I mentioned to all the time when I say it's changing don't get confused there when I'm talking about the people that are constantly changing to what they do I'm talking about people that do big changes like go from one thing to another this almost you know extremes are actually opposites of each other mine is just like I'm always tweaking adding to taking away it's like I like to use the analogy of a big ocean liner on a big ocean liner that's not like little speedboat you're not gonna quick hit a quick pop of the wheel and turn real fast you turn slow you make slow moves when you're an ocean cruiser so that's what I try to do and I try to tweak a little bit and the number one thing I'm always doing above everything above everything everything everything yes I know most of my videos are titled raw food it's raw vegan raw food this raw food that and that is the the huge majority of my diet but I'm more about getting nutrition in I'm not trying to be the raw food educator I'm not trying to be the raw food expert I'm not trying to like promote this raw food other than the way I do it and just kind of giving you like I say just showing you what I do beware of people that are telling you what you need to do or this is this and this is that you know and and some of the things I you know when people think I'm about to zig zag because like I say I'm constantly and sometimes things just pop up random a good example like last night I've been thinking you know I happen to be doing some reading I was in bed had my iPad with me just you know kind of randomly cruising and just looking at some stuff on nutrition things on the raw food diet things of various nutrients and nutritional information in certain things and somebody shared something on nuts and I said you know I'll tell you guys all the time nuts aren't a big part of my diet in fact I think I've said within the last week or two that pretty much about all the nuts I eat right now is some cashews and when I do that it's generally just blended up into some sort of a sauce or a dressing and incidentally I could to be honest I couldn't tell you the last time I've eaten any maybe the last time I was in Pensacola late and my raw food restaurant they probably had you know some nuts and some of the sauces there so I'm reading this and I start going down this rabbit hole of uh you know the nuts thing and I'm like you know what I think I'm gonna flip that I think I'm gonna start eating some nuts on a regular basis on a daily basis but but but but I'm eating them for the particular nutrients they have I'm eating them for because like I said I somebody shared a really good article I read what they had to say then I looked into it some more and I'm like alright there's a lot of wisdom there but kind of using it as a nutrient and not like okay well let's see I can I can eat this many not necessarily even eating it for the taste because I like cashews or whoo I want some almonds but for what they can bring now I haven't eaten almonds in forever so I'm going down to Pensacola probably this Sunday and I'm thinking I'm gonna pick up some nuts while I'm down there I can get raw almonds and in Pensacola but let me say before any of the raw food nuts oh you know those ones that are all about being the geeky sticklers yes probably like they say none of the nuts are actually really raw big whoop big whoop I'm not trying to tell you they are but anyhow they're as wrong as you get probably that's legal to sell in the country or whatever but almonds I'm having eaten almonds and forever almonds are a great source of calcium they're not huge I'm not saying you're gonna need a few almonds and boom get all your calcium but calcium has been something you know I've always wondered am I getting enough to I absorb enough from here from there from the other so almonds they've got good for calcium good for magnesium very good for magnesium and a great source of vitamin e 35 37 percent of your daily intake on that another one long Utz long nuts are very popular nut an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid they also have a good bit of magnesium in there and they're just good brain food every you know people recommend walnuts and I've been kind of I ever but yeah I wanted like include some of the walnuts in there cashews cashews are high in magnesium as well a lot of these are high in magnesium and the cashews they have also good HDL cholesterol another largest study observed that a diet rich in cash used reduced blood pressure and increased levels of good HDL cholesterol I don't really have a problem with cholesterol but once again a good source of stuff I've told you guys I already do the pumpkin seeds I started a while back you know eating more pumpkin seeds usually putting them in things because they're good for the zinc and I believe pumpkin seeds have a fair amount of iron in them as well once again it's about those nutrients it's it's about the minerals too as well because you know a lot of the fruit we're getting does not have you know sufficient minerals in there like they should or like if we were eating from the tropics or if we were eating from an organic source a pure source in the tropics another one I like too that drives a lot of their all people crazy is blackstrap molasses black matte strap molasses is very good for calcium let's see one tablespoon of this stuff has fifteen percent it's good in iron it's good in potassium and yeah but mainly I want to get it like I say for the calcium in the iron calcium and iron iodine you know I've told you guys I've you I used the dulse flakes for the iodine but I'm just trying to feel to plug the holes there you know just make sure I'm getting as much nutrition as possible all the time and especially like I've told you now that I'm in the States I don't get a lot of the stuff that I got not only am I not getting the quality of fruit that I used to get in Costa Rica but I don't get the greens anymore so I should have brought it in here too I've also got a daily green boost daily green boost now there's a lot of powders out there and as soon as you say any powder like some of the purest well there I start spinning around but I've done that research I'm betting you go what look you go do it for yourself you know a lot of times people ask me a question or something I'm like damn I ain't Google I'm not going to go Google for you and regurgitate Google because that's all I would do if you ask me that I just said I would HIGHLY advise go to daily green boost their website and read about the nutrition read about how he harvest does whatever with his product it's organic barley juice powdered barley juice but this stuff is packed full of nutrients and I know a number of people that use this and yeah it's just like I say you know not getting the green the quality of greens that I want but that's how it's gonna always be for me don't ever try to you know don't ever go watch one of my videos and try to sum me up or assume from there you know a lot of times and I know I'm not a you know I know people are not gonna necessarily be that interested in me to go watch several years of videos and it's fair enough but when somebody watches a video and they're like they're like okay well he does this based on this video I'm like dude you need to at least watch five or six of my videos you at least need to watch one now you at least need to go back and watch a few from the last place I was living in Costa Rica and then you need to go back three or four years to when I was living at the beach and if you go back like if you were to like one or two videos a year you would see like yes constant evolution constant you know changing a little bit since I've been in the States I do eat more cooked food but it is always clean well I won't say 100 I shouldn't say that always you know I hate those words always I go to Pensacola or something and I might go to a restaurant or might be a vegan restaurant or a restaurant that has vegan stuff every once in a while and eat something that's not even let you know there's not like what I would eat cooked here but the majority of what I eat cooked is just a good nutrition once again sweet potatoes is close to fruit as probably any vegetable gifts digestion wise collard greens collard greens collard green collard greens because there's a lot of calcium in the collard greens and a lot of good stuff in there and that's the one you know I can get a lot of color I can eat a pound of collard greens easily in one sitting so I can get a huge amount of of my nutrients in there but that's just it and like I say none of these I'm not trying to you know convince you of doing any one of these things I'm not trying to convince you of doing any of those things I just keep on – pounding pounding pounding that responsibility of you taking charge and doing what I'm doing do your own research you should evolve if you're doing listen unless you're just feeling but even so even if you're feeling great like I said yesterday there still are some things we could be missing like when I was in Costa Rica I used to go for long streaks there were all I ate was fruit I would eat sometimes I would I've gone a month down there where it was just like basically fruit mono meals no overt fat for like a month and I felt absolutely amazing and you know there's a lot of people raw or raw foodists that would debate me until the end of time that that's all you need and maybe it is maybe it is I'm not the most educated on this lifestyle but something just instinctively doesn't feel right about that something instinctively just is like nope that's just not enough just to be oh yeah man you can just live on fruit all the time so you know I I try to have a idea of what I'm eating and I'm trying to eat a lot of whatever I'm eating so anyhow I'll probably change again no by a year from now come back and watch a video and you'll probably see me doing something different but it won't be I mean I hope not I mean unless something were to happen way out of my control it won't be like a drastic change it will just be like okay well now he's doing a bit of this fruit will always be that base that I pretty much know when well unless like I say something beyond my control happens but anyhow just a little clarification today hope you guys enjoyed this video if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and we'll see you again tomorrow peace

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  1. Nothing wrong with changing it up every once in awhile. In fact, according to dr. Robert Morse, Professor Arnold ehret, Johanna Brandt with the grape cure, they all sped up or slow down healing by
    Fasting, fruit only, fruit and raw vegetables, with cooked vegetables being the least healing. They all have a time and place

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