Yoga for Stress Relief – 7 minute Practice – Yoga With Adriene

– Hello my sweet friends and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and today we have a quick stress
busting sequence for you. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty, my friends. So we don’t have
much time together so let’s make the most of it. Again, a little goes a long way. Right away, plant your
feet firmly into the earth. Wherever you are,
however you’re feeling, let’s take a deep breath in,
squeeze the shoulders up to the ears and exhale let it all go. Relax your shoulders down. Two more times like that. Again, keep your feet
firmly planted inhale, squeeze and lift. Really squeeze maybe retain
or hold the breath at the top. And then exhale, let it all go. And one more time
inhale, squeeze and lift, press into your feet. And exhale, let it go. Awesome. Reach behind interlace the
fingertips behind your tailbone. Knuckles are going to go down and then away so
that’s the action here. Down and away as you open up
through the chest and then draw your chin to your chest and
just nod your head slightly yes. Knuckles draw down and away. Maybe you try to bring the palms
together but if not just keep the wrist square. Definitely just
coming into nice, hard opener here relaxing
the shoulders down away from the ears not necessarily
trying to master any fancy mind. So take one more breath
here again nodding the head. Then exhale release,
give yourself a big hug. Then again reach
behind interlace, opposite thumb on top this time. Open the chest this
time gently nod the head or shake the head no. Then release,
give yourself a hug, opposite arm on top. Hmmm. Beautiful. Inhale in,
lift your heart, smile. Exhale, release.
Alright so we’re gonna do a little knocking
on Heaven’s door. Some of you have done this with
me before but you keep your feet hip width apart or
maybe slightly wider. And this is a great
little stress buster, great way just kind of release
stagnant energy or stressed-out, frazzled nerves and
kinda smooth it out. So it’s very simply
keep the feet planted, you find a soft
bend in the knees. That’s kind of crucial ’cause
you don’t want to lock out through the knees and tweak your
knees so soft bend in the knee. And then you slowly
start to swing the hands. Soft finger,
soft hand side to side. And each time you do it you find
a breath maybe inhaling one way exhaling the other. And then your hands
can start to hit your body, have a little fun. And you can find little softness
in the feet but remember that soft bend in the knees as well. So this is a little
Kundalini Shakti trick. (laughs) Energy trick. For me, it’s very playful. I start at my feet, soft knees,
travel up through the body and really get it going here. Breathing deep. Maybe finding a
strong and powerful exhale. And it definitely feels silly so
if you been like pissed off or stressed out this is a
fun and playful approach to just letting any tension
or stress energy go. Let it travel up the
spine so that energy, that Shakti,
travels all the way up. You find softness in
the head and the neck. Maybe even smile
or giggle a little, keep it going. I’m like smacking my
butt and couple more. And then release
come back to center, slow it down. Dude, amazing. Bring the feet together. This time really together
and open the palms out wide. Lift your heart, take a
deep breath in and exhale, relax your shoulders down. Beautiful. Palms come together, we lift
the right knee all the way up. So we’re finishing off
with a tree pose today. Focusing or
re-focusing our energy in a way that serves us. So right knee comes up. If you’re new to tree pose
you might just hold on here squeezing the knee in
otherwise take your right heel, bring it up or bring that
right foot to the left calf. Press into your right
foot with your left leg. You can always have the right
toes on the ground here and then take a variation that
feels awesome for you today. Maybe arms up,
maybe arms wide, maybe you take a mudra. Deep breath in, then exhale release
and switch, other side. Left knee peels up,
we open that. Again, it can be big toes
on the ground here or here. Squeeze and lift, press into your left
foot with your right thigh. Find your tree pose. Lifting your heart, focusing
your gaze upon one point. And take one more deep
breath in wherever you are. Inhale and exhale to release. Great, feet together,
hands at your heart. Awesome. Inhale lots of love in. Find a little joy,
a little inner smile maybe. And exhale let it all go. Awesome work. Alright, cool cats,
thanks so much for sharing a little bit of time with me. I really do think a little goes
a long way so hats off to you for taking a little moment
to check in and get in your body and connect with your
energy and find what feels good. Let me know how it goes
down below if you have the time. If not, share this with a friend
in the spirit of giving and subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already. Thanks and I’ll
see you next time, Namaste. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Yoga for Stress Relief – 7 minute Practice – Yoga With Adriene

  1. Good Morning Adriene and this served me today, I am determined to keep moving even if it's just a little. This time sucker will soon come to an end for me and I look forward to being able to give more time to SELF CARE and LOVE but even still, not overdoing anything; all in stride right. I am most grateful to you sweet yogi; Namaste🙏🏽💖😘🤗

  2. These days I am quite tired and I find it hard to keep up with my daily morning routine but this quick practice helped me to swift my energy. I realize that sometimes yoga is there for me just to allow me to breathe in different patterns and this is wonderfull. Greetings from the Netherlands!

  3. Day 23 of FOCUS , catching up a couple of days of the calendar 👍🏻I have done this practice several times before and it really works for me. It refreshes the mind and refocuses to what matters letting my troubles go. See you tomorrow Adriene for some Cozy Yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  4. This was amazingly relaxing. A little definitely goes a long way. When I started I felt so tight and tense and now I feel loose and the tightness is gone.

  5. That is a great stress release Adriene thats really helped me this morning. loveing all your little ditties great for me when there is not a lot of time. thank you !!!

  6. This is my second Yoga with Adrienne video today! (Thought I'd squeeze a little extra in).Thoroughly enjoyed the 'knocking at heavens door' motion. Does it have a technical name?

  7. I was suffering from back pain and migrains! after i started your yoga clases ive been feeling better! i love to see more of this under 10 min videos more! sometimes i like to do yoga in the afternoon or at night but in the morning i like 5 min of strech before work! thanks!

  8. Hi! I'm not really disciplined when talking about exercise. Nevertheless, I'm trying with your videos. So far, so good, but I'm having problems with some poses. I'm gonna need a very basic video to start.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful practice!
    Hugs from Colombia!

  9. I combined this with the 7 minute yoga boost this morning from the Feb Care calendar. Two nice little sequences to start the day! Happy Friday and Namaste. 🙏🏽😃

  10. Hi ! I'm here two years later, a friend of mine told me to come and check your videos, as I haven't worked on my physical condition for a long while because of a tendinitis to the shoulder. I struggle to do yoga regularly, I feel like I'm not always doing it right, and sometimes my head spins when doing some exercises (maybe because of a low blood pressure or a bad way of breathing, I haven't figured it out yet) but I still try to do it when I find the time.
    I felt really stressed today and I decided to try this short video to relax just before going to sleep, your kindness goes through the screen and hits me every time, it really helps.
    Thank you so much for all your work, I really look forward to discover more of your videos, it brings a little bit of fresh air in my stressed days every time! <3

  11. I've been so anxious the last three days but THIS made me laugh so so hard mid-knockin' on heaven's door. Thank you as always, Adriene <3

  12. Still here after Dedicate! Yoga has really been helping me transform my anxious, stress-filled mind into one of center and calm. I am definitely a happier person all around just from 55 days of daily yoga. This channel means a lot to me. Thank you Adriene!

  13. Following the February calendar, these quickies have been great, allowing me to just enjoy a short practice or maybe adding one of my favourites. Today it’s Six Pack Abs from 30 days of yoga. I have to keep my strength up. I have been noticing this month ! So I am looking forward to RESET in March when they are a little longer but just right for me 😊 see you tomorrow for some hands free 👍🏻 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  14. Love this so much that I have added this quick stress relief to my calendar to do in between conference calls and tasks while working. Yes, I will do Yoga at the desk during work hours. The twisting was silly and provided a much needed laugh. Thank you, Adrienne!

  15. You know – it goes very well thank you Yoga-Adriene – and to this day I've convinced several persons, friends & colleagues on just how great Yoga is to your well-being, and they believe me, caues I'm a living proof 🙂 Namaste

  16. Hola Adriene, casi se termina Febrero Cuidado (February Care)…viajo a El Salvador mañana Martes 26 por la noche, haré Care ahí en el calor tropical, voy por 2s semanas!…haré Marzo Yoga by Adriene en El Salvador en mi I-pad…Como se llama Marzo?..Gracias!

  17. Hi Adrienne thank you for this video unfortunately I had to sit out the last few days as I pulled a muscle in my back on Thursday but have done this video to ease myself back into the practice again 😀

  18. In the past I have only been able to do tree pose when I am wearing shorts and I have more grip between thigh and feet. Today I gave myself a dose of confidence and just said "I can do it" and voila! my feet stayed up on my thigh. Take that negative thoughts and patterns!

  19. Thank you so much for this video, it's quick and effective! As always, you remind me that yoga is about commuting and finding what feels good!!

  20. Your routines are not only easy to follow, but your fun and cheerful personality makes them even more enjoyable! Your comments often make me laugh out loud hahah.

  21. I'm wearing a heart monitor today and feeling STRESSED about all of these wires hanging off of me. I needed this today, so thank you. Thank you for teaching me to say "thank you" to my body, even when all the parts aren't working just right.

  22. Feeling so nice after your yoga session.
    U r so inspiring positive nd beautiful..
    Frm where have u learnt this .
    Although i know nd practice yoga a little bit as from India..but it was gud to do yoga with ur video

  23. THANK YOU ADRIENE! This is a great way to "wake up" your creative energy when feeling tense and stagnant!

  24. when you feel super not committal. you put on your 10 min playlist and do as many as you feel like. I did three! namaste love

  25. I'm stressed out of my mind with final exams and succumbed to an old weakness and had a cigarette. Then came and did this practice after and by god, yoga makes me feel better than nicotine ever has!

  26. i am a dude, i have just started watching your video and doing yoga with it. thx for making this channel

  27. I have a big presentation coming up and have time to practice this. I feel so much less nervous. Thank you Adriene!

  28. these are the only yoga videos i found to actually relax me. ive been dealing with anxeity trama and ocd symtoms and your videos have very much so helped me. thank you soooo much!

  29. I've finished day 11 of TRUE some minutes ago, but I felt the need to relax my mind a little bit more. I'm glad I opened this video, these 6 minutes were funny, but I'm not stressed any more! I'm amazed, thank you Adriene. Namaste🙏🏻

  30. So so needed this after a rough day in the studio. Afterwards I was like huh I'm done already 😀 no more hostility either woop woop ready to go out in public now lol. Adriene you are amazing! Your style is the best I've found and you are so real, I love it! Thank you lovely lady!

  31. Hiya Adrian! Loved this session 2! Loved the playful part!😊 would be lovely if we could have a longer session like this one! I always love your sessions!😊 peace and happy day 2 u!😊

  32. Thank you thank you thank you for this practice. Short easy and effective. I had a terrible stressful morning and didn't want to get out of bed. This helped me so much. I feel better and accomplished. I really needed this.

  33. Really appreciate the simple nd genuine way u practice nd teach yoga ..with calmness nd gratitude not like many others who teach yoga but make variations in it nd rename it ..

  34. I wanted to show this to my class, too bad you use crude language at 3:45!!!! I didn't even finish watching it.

  35. I tried so many methods to calm my anxiety and I’ve tried doing mornings yoga, night yoga, whatever yoga and nothing helped me as this video. It feels so much relief and calm in just simple, quick moves. Thank you

  36. I like this little routine, very calming. I think the knocking on heaven's door exercise is also a chi gung exercise I've come across in Kung Fu, hadn't really understood the stress relieving effect of it till now so thank you, will definitely be coming back to this routine again and again.

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