Yoga For Stress & Strength ♥ Candlelit Evening Flow

Hey guys welcome [beautiful] cabin, you can from the RPC I’ve gotten eaten your class for you today has been given [five] going over [letting] [your] [training] your body, especially after a long day at work and really focus on only By in a really [attractive] leg and how [you] find a better balance your products will be [evaluated] All right guys. We’re [gonna] begin today in a posture called Superb Otakon [Osmeña] So what you’re going to do is come all the way down onto your mask soles of your feet together And just simply allow your knees to open up nice and wide Just letting go of any tension reaching the arms over your head And [allow] yourself to take a couple of deep breaths here Can you see breath in slowly bring your knees together? Arms down and then exhale allow the arms to come back over your head and the knees to open One more time just like that [needs] together And open of knees nice and wide a couple more times bring these together and open And here [my] mind feeling that stretch in the hand and the inner thighs [taking] a deep breath [in] And then [a] slow exhale out as the knees come together and slowly bring the left knee into your chest Other leg extends all the way down and continue to roll that left ankle around letting go of any tension in the joints Keeping the flex grabbing underneath the knee and slowly start to extend the [like] You go as high as you like as long as you feel a nice stretch in that hamstring hold and breathe Beautiful and [spend] up straight me now plant the foot down pointing the top. Foot single like a bridge in a lift and lower [two] [three] starting to wake up those glutes the hamstrings five and six seven now last one hold from here you’re going to do your bridge cake and lower the leg and kick it back up lower and to Lower and three your goal here is to keep those him enough to let them dip [five] [six] [two] more seven last 18 beautiful hold A feminine slowly take the body down reaching for that leg and then using your core Slowly go ahead and lift yourself up to seated Flex your foot Reach for the left foot with your right hand now you can bend the knee if you can’t fully extend That’s okay, or he can do a full extension go ahead and then follow with that twist And you’re simply following that left arm all the way back [reach] [into] the crown of your head hold it here And then back to center extending the right leg And then taking that left knee over top of the right [nice] your hamstring fold your hands come underneath the right knee simply fold over top of your like You want to think about your forehead reaching for that left me here? Really nice stretch for the ham strength you may even feel like all the way over to your sacrum in your back beautiful come back up Really seeing the leg in the arms [I’m] taking the role of exercise all the way down first push the arms roll yourself back up Nice and slow using the core reaching forward And then grouping everything into hollow the belly Round the Spine take it down Reaching over your head and press reaching forward Forward fold And back to Center Hollow the belly Take it down nice and slow [you] Reach the arms of our hands and take it to the other side now so right knee into your chest Single extract [you] go ahead and roll out that ankle Letting go of any tension in the ankle Joint And then from here grabbing underneath the knee flexing the foot and go ahead extend the leg feel that hamstring stretch hold and breathe You can [be] [not] like a little closer to your body Pointing the foot now go ahead [Ben] that straight like we’re going to go into our single legged bridges arm three chaps lift the hips and down Lift the hips and two I always say think about wanting to touch the feeling with your toes Look at your toes reach up and bring it down Awesome. This is a great exercise to engage the glutes here Hold that let’s take umbrage kicks lower the leg and kick it up with power lower and kick lower and [thick] And for you got four more [567] Last One Hold it Lift a little higher and then dropped it down awesome reach for the leg Let’s roll [herself], right up over to your seated position taking are seated twist Flex your foot Now the left fingers reach for the outside of the foot [nominee] if you need to keep any straight if you can Extend lengthen through the spine and then from here reaching over to the back of the mat taking a nice twist focusing on the breath coming back to center now extend that bottom leg Take that right knee over top of your left me hand underneath the straight leg And then simply start to fold forward an amazing stretch for the hamstring You want to think about resting your forehead on the right [knee]? Taking a deep breath Exhale [Glow] and lift your head Roll yourself back up and extend the leg reaching both arms [maker] [seated] head to [toe] forward fold [and] remember keep your back straight If you need to bend your knees, please do And let yourself come forward Trying to grab your toes if you can’t grab your toes reach for those ankles Focusing on releasing any tension out of the hamstrings reach it up come to center And then from here, we’re going to take our next exercise called rock the boat simply come to boat first Rounding through the spine come all the way back to your shoulders and up to [both] for one Rocket back And up for two not really focus on that core keeping the core engaged finding your balance as you come to boat and last one Coming into both [parties] [are] [not] hold it here Breathe drop the shoulders away from the ears Find your breath Beautiful now. I stay here or you can extend these if [you] out for a little bit more challenging posture Bend your knees let’s transition over to our plank position now. You can swing the legs [are] go through the legs Shoulders over the wrists just holding this point position first Take a deep breath testing and then exhale pushing back into that downward facing dog [ok] just take a moment here allow those heels sink down open through the chest through the heart Rounding forward to plank hold You to do a [chatter] on [to] push up come back up, and then take it back into your downward dog again Come forward to plank Take a push-up Bring it up And our dog two more times now the full push-up is too hard for you. You can always modify by going on the [knees] And push up And our dog now last one round through the spine point position. Take it down Push it up very nice [the] our dog hold here [go] a little deeper this time push those heels down deep Breath in exhale reaching the right leg up to the sky [banding] outright me when you’re ready We’re going to go ahead and bring that me and think about touching the chest with the knee And all the way to your one-legged dog and then bring that me through to your chest 42 They can send all the way up and touch the chest for [3] last one [catching] the chest 44 you going to hold that knee and go right into your elbow touches Remember right knee is going to touch your left elbow first and then right elbow one [attached] to Touch 34 five six Seven and eight, or 16 if you’re counting its single Holding your single like a dog and then coming forward now into your high lunge Holding here first finding your center in keeping the left-hand grounded reach the right arm into your twisted lunge If they’re square you’re looking up to the sky Find your center bring yourself up to your high lunge palms together And then go ahead come into your single legged Share twist Like to call single legged because we’re not a real chair when I lunge position And really think about digging that elbow right into that side of the knee The [opening] that twist [now] if you’re up for it try adding on an extension of the elbows now This is difficult for you. No pressure keep those hands together Hold [on]. We’re going to transition into a full care simply stepping the back foot together with your other foot Looking up towards that right elbow hold and breathe and [twist] reach the arms up And extend the speaker chair squats here simply come down into your chair and up [41] come down nice and Deep and Down and three down and [for] [you] got four more 56 Last 27 Last one and a let’s come back to back [cher] [Homme], together take that same twist, so we’re going back to that same side again right elbow ah And then from here make sure all your weight is in your right foot. You’re going to lift your left across the mat and Slowly step it all the way back into your [lund] you Holding that twice here Untwist the Body Arms Reach have to describe Your island And then hands come all the way down to the mat stepping back into plank and let’s slow it out chaturanga done document [upward-Facing] dog on your inhale And exhale downward-facing dog take a moment here for yourself Let the real think down Then when you’re ready the next leg reaches up, we’re going to go ahead and touch that knee to your chest And extend for one Bring that left knee to your [cast] And you beautiful you got two more touch the chest and last one Hold it elbow touches [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] you got eight more eight Seven six five four three two one beautiful extended up hold [a] [dressing] and then exhale big step forward into your lunge position now Finding your [center] making sure the knees over your ankle right palm stays down Left hand reaches up into your twisted lunge Find your center find your breath Make sure you got a good Balance here because when I start by reaching that left arm back if you lift your body up into your twisted lunge here palms together Let’s go ahead bring that right elbow over to your left [knee] Or we like to call a single like check Keep your balance Remember if you want extending a little bit further you can extend the elbows if not continue to keep the palms together Now if your elbows are straight go ahead and come back to that prayer position We’re going to transition to the chair stepping the back foot forward thinking a little lower with the hips [stainless] twist a chair and twist the body Extend the arms [behind] your chair squats. That’s how we’re going to add two extra ones. We do full set of pads reach and three [3] [&] [4] very nice keep going you can go a little deeper each time Make sure the knees bring together the feet are together And last one from here Hold that share palms together [going] back to that twisted chair right elbow to your left me And then lift your right foot off the mat slowly step back into that single legged chair twist hold breathe Untwist the Body Arms Reach app [I] [lunch] here hold open the chest in the heart Bring the hands back down and let’s take that [flow] you’re going to step the foot back into plank Chaturanga Dandasan Ax upward Facing dog and downward facing dog Beautiful job hold it here Even go a little bit deeper let that chest all little bit closer to the ground And then from here transitions applying shift your weight to one side opening to side plank if you want to modify bring that knee down And then from here what we’re going to do is called your starfish Simply lift the leg and bring it down [to] you were just doing [43] now last one open and hold You’re going to bend that company [you] can plant the heel on the toes right onto back in our [thighs] Keep lifting from the hips and then take the right foot step it forward And simply reach the right fingers all the way over to the front of your mat As if somebody attached a string to your right happen their polling you up You can do a little arm circle come back to plank That you’re like and take a flow shot around on Da [upward-Facing] dog on your inhale exhale downward Facing dog Alright guys. Let’s get one more time on the other side round forward to plank Open to the other side plank Arm up And when you’re ready start getting lifted up to 3 and this last one way to lift and hold Bending that top means [planting] your foot to the inside of your thighs lifting with the hips keeping the balance Stepping forward with that foot now and reach the left fingers the top of your mat just a big side stretch here beautiful arms circle in front step back to side plank And then when you’re ready come back to your full plank and take your chaturanga upward Facing dog and big exhale if you take it downward facing dog I hear one more time And then come on down to your knees And what we’re going to do here is [you] are double [pictures] great posture for the [group’s]? So first you gonna bring one leg to about 90 degrees The other heel comes on top of the knee and the other knee comes down, so you’re literally stacking your shins And now depending on where you are somebody might be just treated and others might want to come forward But don’t worry where you are in this position as long as you’re feeling a stretch in the glutes the hips That’s what we want here So now slowly from here. Let’s go ahead and bring the body back up Reaching the arms up and then simply switching legs so that top leg is going to go on the bottom Other light comes down you can also push if you need to with your hand You can just relax and sit or you can come back to your forward fold here Just find. What works best for you? Take a deep breath beans Let it go Slowly lift your body up And then palms together [too] [hard] You to fall release the legs just a quick little windshield wiper with the knees letting go of any tension in the hips Giving those legs a little shake out little break And then come into your lotus posture take a deep breath in let’s reach the arms up And take a nice big side stretch Whatever side you like to start with just reach far as you can [ok] now switching to the other side reach the other arm over Keeping both of your [stepmoms] down on the floor [okay], [deep] [breath] [in] And then exhale back to center big Breath in Reach the arms up to the sky pounds together exhale to your heart And one more big rechecked the Skype [express] of the day Palms Together big long exhale out Palms together at Your heart And bowing down to your heart thinking yourself that you’re beautiful practice today and for dedicating this time to yourself Thank you guys so much, and I can’t wait to see you again Now let’s take I hope you guys enjoyed this video Thank you so much for your support And if you haven’t subscribed yet feel free to subscribe to our [channel] and follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook lots of love

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